Different course options to study hospitality, travel and tourism abroad

Which are the different specialisations and programs to study Hospitality Management?

The most popular programs and specialisation in Hospitality Management

Travel and Tourism Management

Management degree programs that train you on dedicated practises and concepts of tourism and travel industry and to manage the business efficiently. This degree will include interesting courses but the core would be about study of cultural and social aspects of tourism management, planning and development apart from tourist behaviour. The courses abroad will also emphasize on training the student to understand the international tourism industry and its nature, structure, and operational characteristic in an academic format and also the practical approach so as to train students on the practical aspects of operations and management of tourism industry.

Culinary Arts

If you love cooking and are keen to learn about world cuisines a degree in Culinary Arts is ideal for you as it will teach you contemporary and traditional culinary techniques and cooking methods. This course will also train you on the practises and standards of hospitality industry with skills required as a successful manager with a higher emphasis on culinary art which would include kitchen and patisserie techniques, knowledge on world cuisines, diet and nutrition with knowledge in food microbiology, trends and gastronomy. Moreover, it will be an ideal balance of theoretical knowledge and hands on practical.

Luxury Business Management

A Management degree with additional value, a multidisciplinary program it will bring out your creativity while developing a strong foundation of management and marketing. It is for students who would love to work in the world of luxury and explore it as a business avenue, understanding the intricacies, predicting the future trends for the various luxury services and goods. A range of opportunities in various businesses to explore from as the luxury industry thrives on its managers who have the market expertise to understand the taste, changing trends, foresee the future needs and provide the highest standards of quality for the luxury products and services. Various Institutes provide range of courses in the Luxury Brand or Business Management. Know more from our experts. Fill up the enquiry form.

Food Science and safety

The field of food science and safety is on the rise as the consciousness within the society regarding health and food has increased. In addition to this, eco-friendly food production is been promoted as safe food and has become the topmost priority. Academic knowledge and practical skills in food science and safety are required for a better understanding of the connection between culture and food, as well as how to brand products coming from a specific province. Students are equipped to work in various aspects of the food-related industry such as production, development, food quality and safety. Improving food quality or safety by doing research in the fields of chemistry, biology, nutrition, and chemical engineering.

Event Management

Event management is rising at a rapid pace in today's day and age, as the demand for event managers has increased due to the increase in the frequency of events conducted. Pursuing a career from abroad would aid you in forming contacts outside the community, leading you to build a diversified network. This program will help you to manage, organize and operate throughout the course of the event. After successfully completing the Event management program, one can choose to work with various departments such as Government, Non-profit organization, Business, Concerts organizers, Sports, etc. fitting to the personal preferences and needs.

Baking and Pastry Program

Students who aspire to pursue their passion of pastry and bakery into a business should opt for Baking and Pastry program. Completing the course equips you to acquire positions within the commercial baking and pastry businesses. Management in Baking and Pastry is an essential skill required by the students to one day operate or own a business. Completing this course from abroad would help students get a better understanding regarding diversified techniques used by various cultures, resulting in the boost of knowledge. Apart from this, students have the opportunity to learn under the influence of experienced professors.

Sommelier and Wine Making

Sommelier and Wine course is designed for students who are pursuing to work as a wine advisor for exclusive clubs, luxury hotels and restaurants and on the cruise, serving with mastery to create the perfect balance between food and wine, thus meeting the expectation of the guest. This imaginative field will help to build a network and socialize with various customers with a high portfolio. Candidates with passion and zeal should pursue to become a master sommelier.


Working as a bartender is surely an exciting role which is fun and on the rise. A bartender course provides information about the rules and moral guidelines with regards to the serving of alcoholic beverages. Moreover, the most prominent professional character for a bartender is to be able to serve and cope with different types of customers with different personalities. A mixologist is someone who is concerned with the study of cocktails which encompasses the study and knowledge of various drinks and the art of expertly preparing cocktails. Precisely a mixologist is a cocktail designer who can prepare seasonal drinks as well as create signature drinks, bitters, essences and other house made syrups. The bartenders focus is serving the guests who can be a bartender as well. The professional course to become a bartender would involve study of bartending professional standards, hygiene, the tools and equipment used, working and sales technique, bar gadgets, various alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic drinks, alcohol groups, cocktail recipes and all the specifics of mixology and bartending

Apart from these there are other specialisations offered by various institutes. Fill Up the enquiry form to know more about the same and get dedicated assistance free.

Following are few of the different specialisation and programs in Hospitality Management.

  • Hospitality business administration
  • Tourism management
  • Luxury hospitality
  • Luxury brand management
  • Event management
  • Hospitality marketing
  • Hospitality finance
  • Leisure and tourism
  • Recreation and leisure
  • Recreation management
  • Tourism
  • Tourist trades
  • Travel and tourism
  • Travel services
  • Bar service
  • Catering
  • Cooking (restaurant and hotel-type)
  • Culinary arts
  • Fast food preparation
  • Food and hospitality services
  • Hospitality services
  • Hotel and restaurant studies
  • Hotel receptionist training
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